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Location: Victoria BC
Function: Scan to visit website
Scan Quality: 10/10 (SUPER Fast)
Downfall: Code directed to a non-mobile website.
Effective use of a QR Code: 6/10

Ways they could improve:

At first, I was impressed. Not only did this code scan so quickly I barely had time to line up my phone, but it was lightly branded.  It wasn’t a completely overhauled, designer code, but at least it wasn’t a plain, generic black and white code. The star on the wall today goes to Tectoria for this one!

My delight soon diminished.  Or should I say – diminished super fast.  Because as soon as that code scanned, BLAMO! I was on their website. Their regular, non-mobile website. Tectoria – THE place for technology information in Victoria.  The ones I held in high hopes of using a QR code to its full advantages just failed me in a flash.  Come on people! Of anyone I would have thought a technology-based initiative would have gotten this one right.

I’ve said it a million times, but I’ll say it again:  QR codes are a mobile technology and should deliver to a mobile website! Otherwise, everything that makes a QR code so wonderful and convenient is lost.  Because Tectoria is technology-based, I almost feel like failing them for this.  But, I have to give them credit for the “super fast” code and an “A” for effort for the non black and white code.


  • Dan says:

    Hi Annika,

    Thanks for not failing us. There’s more mobile coding they you might notice in the site. Originally the flash based site was a disaster on Apple mobile products so we made changes so that the site detected mobile users and presented a faster non-flash site for mobile users. In the coming weeks we will be porting the rushed (we were in a hurry based on surprise ad space availability) to get a microsite up in time. You have my email so send suggestions over anytime.


  • Annika says:

    Hi Dan – Thanks so much for the reply. I’d be happy to discuss some suggestions and will touch base via email.

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